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Not Always Birds II

One of the nice things about my recent trip to southeastern USA was that insects were still being active.  They offered me some lovely photo opportunities. One of the problems with these insects is identification.  I found a site http://www.bugguide.netContinue reading

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Amherst Island

Hunting season was finally over at Amherst and weather was supposed to be sunny, so a trip to the Owl Woods was in order. I called Bill (who volunteered to drive, nice wheels) and we planned the trip for Tuesday, December … Continue reading

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Rufous Hummingbird..

December 12, 2011:  We may remember 2011 as the year of the Rarities, so many strange and rare birds, have shown up this year. This week was no exception, a Juvenile Rufous Hummingbird, was found coming to a feeder in … Continue reading

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Tybee Island, Georgia

Thursday, December 1st:  After searching the marshes at Fort Pulaski, for Sharptails with very minimal success (was fun playing in the mud), Chris and I, decided to check the north beach area of Tybee Island for rarities.  Walking along the beach we … Continue reading

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Henslow’s Sparrow, Paulk’s Pasture, Georgia

November 29, 2011.  After stepping off the plane from Ottawa, I drove 3 hours from Orlando, Florida to Brunswick, Georgia.  Next day I was meeting up with good friend and fellow birder Chris.  I had planned this trip south to find … Continue reading

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