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Finally there’s some signs that this crappy, long, cold, snowy winter is coming to an end. Today was the first day I went out searching for birds and saw many newcomers. The Hawks have been with us all winter but … Continue reading

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Barrow’s Goldeneye

This past fall I bought myself a bandsaw, I’d always gone and used a friends bandsaw, to cut out my decoy patterns and figured it was time for me to own my own. I’ve dabbled at carving for many years … Continue reading

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The Perils of Bill…. “Watch Your Step”

What do you get when you try to walk across soft snow carrying a large lens and camera….up to your armpits in snow that’s what. As a good friend I decided to take a photograph instead of helping…. Seriously I … Continue reading

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I Can’t Wait for Winter to be Over

With all the cold and snow we’ve been having, the fact that winter started in November, is making this one of the longest winters I can remember. I’ve been cleaning snow and working but have still managed to get out … Continue reading

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