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2015 – What A Year….

What a year 2015 was, I visited California (3x), Florida (4x), Texas (2x) hoping to pick up as many life birds as I could.  I finished with 42 life birds (40 photographed).  Missed out on a number of lifers, that had … Continue reading

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December Produces Ottawa Bird’s #252, #253, #254

The Mountain Bluebird was re-found about 5 miles from where she was first found near the Ottawa Dump.  I wish the weather had been better, but some day’s you have to take what you get.  The Bluebird was a long way … Continue reading

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Its not a Bullock’s Oriole

DNA Testing proves this bird not a Bullocks Oriole Last Sunday November 30th, I was sitting at work and the Internet was abuzz with bird reports.  A Mountain Bluebird near the Trail Road dump and a Bullocks Oriole in Pakenham. I … Continue reading

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Texas With Friends – November 15th to 20th

I left home early Sunday morning on the 15th and of course, I forgot my phone and it was just too late to go back, it would sorely be missed.  We caught an early flight to Newark, then on to Phoenix, … Continue reading

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Fritz’s Bird Blitz – September 17, 18, 19

When I first decided to tackled California, I had a very lengthy wantlist and earlier in August, I picked up ten lifers, while on vacation with Sue.  I had 3 days left after my pelagic trips and knew I’d need help finding the birds I needed, due … Continue reading

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