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Cardinals, Finches and Their Allies Poster -2014

It amazing how much color there is on this page. Some of our loveliest birds on the ABA can be found in Finches and Cardinals…

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Gulls – #3 – Ring-billed Gull

Locally this is Ottawa’s most common Gull, they can be found rooting through your garbage if you put it out the night before or outside any fast food business, ready to snatch any food that drops from the table. It … Continue reading

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Gulls – #2 – Great Black-backed Gull

The Great Black-backed Gull is our largest Gull in the ABA, unmistakable in a crowd. Huge bill, large size, black back and pink legs can help in identifying this gull. It goes through 4 changes before reaching adult plumage, 1st … Continue reading

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Ottawa Bird #247 – Harlequin Duck

This little duck led me on a merry chase. I’d gone up and down the Rideau River, quite a few times, looking for this duck. Due to a combination of weather, bad luck or work, I hadn’t been able to … Continue reading

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Gulls – # 1 – Glaucous Gull

I decided to spend the next year finishing up the Gulls I need. I started off well by photographing an adult Glaucous Gull, a bird I had never seen before. I had plenty of photos of Juvenile birds but not … Continue reading

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Waterfowl Poster – 2014

I am addicted to this now, here’s another poster. I need only one Eider to complete this page…can you see which one. You may need your glasses to figure this out.

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Warbler Poster – 2014

This is the next poster I’ve worked on…..Warblers Only one easy warbler missing, the Virginia’s Warbler, and the Bachman’s Warbler (possibly extinct).  I even have a photo of a Brewster’s Warbler, see if you can spot it, I have a … Continue reading

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