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Room For Improvement

It’s almost been 10 years since I started this quest, I’ve gone through 5 different camera bodies and god know’s how many lenses.  This January trip to Vancouver was my 4th time in the area and some of the bird … Continue reading

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Rock Sandpiper #634 and Surfbird #635

Some trips no matter how hard you try, you can see the bird but getting a photo is tough. I was between Sechelt, BC and Wilson’s Creek, BC a lovely area on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  We had … Continue reading

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2013 – Great Gray Owl

I just got back from Vancouver, and thought it was time to go see the 3 Great Gray Owls that have been frequenting an area on the Rockcliffe Parkway at Green’s Creek, in East Ottawa.   They were discoved there a month ago and have … Continue reading

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Brambling #633

After the success of the Bluetail, our focus was on the Brambling.  Next morning, we woke up to rain.  On these type of days I generally don’t even go out of the house let alone take out my camera. Time … Continue reading

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Red-flanked Bluetail #632

Some years there are rare birds that show up, all around North America.  This year they settled on British Columbia. First in Comox, BC, which is on Vancouver island, a Citrine Wagtail (Code 5) was found by David and Adele … Continue reading

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White-winged Crossbill

I’d read that a few good birds, were coming to the feeders at the Visitors Centre, in Algonquin Park.  Of particular interest was a male White-winged Crossbill.  I have a  few images of this species but most are at severe camera angles and far away.  … Continue reading

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2013 – Screech Owl

Again today,  I went looking for Great Gray Owl’s in the Dunrobin area, with very little luck.  I know they are around but seem to be moving throughout the area instead of staying one spot like other years.  We put … Continue reading

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