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Migrants, New Arrivals, Pelee, Mud Lake – May 2015

May is just a wonderful month to be a Birder who enjoys photography.  New birds are arriving daily all across North America. Best of all the Warblers.  You never know when you’ll encounter a flock and what will be in that … Continue reading

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Ottawa Bird #247 – Barnacle Goose

Today on Mohr Road and Galetta Side Road, Richard Waters found a pair of Barnacle Geese.  They are a on the edge of the Missisippi River and can be sometimes seen from the hill about 1 km east on Mohr … Continue reading

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Green Cay Wetlands and Wakodahatchee Wetlands – Florida – 2015

The two locations in the title, are in Boynton Beach, one easy, one hard to pronounce, each with over a mile of boardwalks and best of all they are free.   They offer good opportunities to birders and photographers alike, of some the best … Continue reading

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South Florida and The Keys – 2015

I am no longer crazy about going to Florida this late in the year.  If I didn’t need a few birds that are only possible in late April, I much prefer March. Its usually very hot and humid in April and there … Continue reading

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Everglades National Park – 2015

After the Tortugas, Sue and I spent a lovely day in the Everglades, stopping frequently along the road to the Flamingo Visitor’s Centre.  The bone dry conditions, accompanied by blistering temperatures, horse and deer flies, made getting out of the car very difficult.  Early morning and late … Continue reading

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Dry Tortugas – 2015

Our first trip to the Tortugas was in 2008 and we’ve always wanted to return. In February when Sue suggested we make a return trip in April, I was all for it.   First thing I did was check eBird to find … Continue reading

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