Augusta National Golf Course – The Masters – Bucket List 🗸

I’ve been a golf fan for over 45 years and when the opportunity came up in 2018 for me to attend a practice round at Augusta National, I was in golf heaven.  My doctor had other plans, I had to back out.

On January 3rd of this year my friend Chris called me and I thought he was calling to wish me a Happy Birthday but in fact he was calling because he’d been lucky again and gotten tickets for the Monday practice round at the Masters.

Sue and I left, late in the afternoon of April 5th for Augusta, Georgia, we planned to take our time and arrived Friday afternoon.

We visited with Noel and Chris for 4 days, playing cards, touring the city, shopping and of course Chris and I went birding.

Brown-headed Nuthatch

Carolina Chickadee

Chipping Sparrow


Swainson’s Warbler


Yellow-rumped Warbler

We also had dinner at Deanna and Herbs, Sunday night.

We left, very early on Monday for the course……

Drive by Magnolia Lane.

First thing we did was go to the Gift Shop and buy golf hats, shirts, pins and golf towels.

Later that day tis was the lineup for the Gift Shop

We walked about 6 miles that day and the course was just beautiful, Nelson Bridge

Hogan Bridge

The players were all out…..Tommy Fleetwood

Tiger Woods with a smile on his face….maybe he knows something is up

Congrats on your win Tiger

Sergio Garcia

Rory MacIlroy

Rory and Dustin

Marc Leishman

Justin Rose

Jordan Speith

Jason Day

Dustin Johnson

Franchesco Molinari

Fred Couples

Bubba Watson, Butch Harmon and Ted Scott

Brooks Koepka

Bryson DeChambeau

Great day with Chris and Sue

Chris and I

In front of Butler Cabin

$3.00 Beer and $2.50 Sandwiches, Sens could learn a thing or two

What can I say

Before we left we spent a bit of time at the 16th hole, they have a tradition during the practice round that players are urge to try and skip the ball over the pond and onto the green.

We were there for 8 hours until the horn sounded and we had to leave because there was lightning in the area.

Thanks Noel and Chris, a memory for life.  Ciao for now



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Alaska Revisited 2019

When my friend Herb told me he was going to Nome for Mckay’s Bunting and Kodiak for Emperor Goose, I was in from the start.

After booking my flights and waiting for the day to arrive for the trip, I kept hoping for good weather, Nome would be cold but sunny and Kodiak would be complete rain and overcast skies.

The flight up from Ottawa, Toronto, Seattle, Anchorage and then Nome was over two days so I could really be relaxed on arrival.

Herb and I met up in Anchorage and immediately boarded our flight to Nome arriving at 5:30pm.

We booked into the Aurora Hotel, picked up our rental car by 6pm and headed to the bird feeder at Round The Clock Road, 10 minutes from downtown.


We were sitting there at 6:15 and I looked around and saw a McKay’s Bunting on a wire, talk about luck.

The bird was badly backlit so we snapped a few photos of it on the wire for a record image and waited for it to come to the feeders. The owner of the house came out to talk to us and we gave him a bag of birdseed and thanked him for his feeder (without which the birds would be tough to see).  After 1/2 hour the bird finally came down to the seed on the ground giving us great looks and reasonable photos in the shadows.


We decided while driving back that it might be an idea to get out to Kodiak as soon as possible instead of waiting in Nome for 2 more days,  we called Air Alaska and they could get us out the next day for a fee.  We opted to leave, there just wasn’t anything else in Nome at that time of year.

We tried again next day and had a brief look at another McKay’s and 14 Snow Buntings but little else.  At 11:00 am we headed to the airport for the next leg of our adventure.  Leaving Nome and its -20C temperatures behind.

After a 75 minute flight to Anchorage, we boarded our 55 minute flight to Kodiak.  When we arrived, I expected cold and snow to greet us but only snow was in the mountains and  and it was raining hard.


We both realized that the photography would be tough, with rain and overcast skies but same as in Nome within a few hours of landing, I had my second life bird, the Emperor Goose.  These birds were waiting for the north to open up so they could move on.  Over the next few days we saw at least 2,000 birds and that would be a low estimate.


I had the birds I wanted but Herb still needed a Steller’s Eider and the next day we found a few birds at the end of Trident Way, near the seaplane base.  Note the heavy rain.


We tried a know location for Boreal Owl that night but the rain and wind would dampen our spirits and we headed to the hotel for food and rest.

Next morning, we were at it again and through the showers we managed to see just about every bird that was possible, including a number of Steller’s Sea Lions.  We found a great place to scope and photograph from on Near Island at 57.783849 -152.406546.

Over the next few days we had great views of Surfbird, Black Turnstone, Rock Sandpiper, Black Oystercatcher, Harlequin Duck, Mew Gull, Black-legged Kittiwake and numerous other species.



















A maxima sub-species of the Song Sparrow  found in the area, until I got a good look at one, I was thinking they were Fox sparrow’s.




Not sure who scared who but it was funny to watch from a distance, these Steller’s Sea Lions were hoping to have a snooze on the beach and didn’t see Herb until they were almost on top of him.


Later that day we were invited to a local home to watch his feeders for Red Crossbill and they did not disappoint.


During our stay we probably saw 500 Bald Eagles and I’d have to say that was a low extimate.  They were everywhere and obviously hungry.


Here’s lookin at you kid!

A few other locals



That evening local resident Rich Macintosh, took us to a spot he knew of that had a calling Boreal Owl, Herb’s dreaded nemesis bird and after a bit we managed to coax one out of the woods.  Thanks so much Rich was a great night of owling.  Herb was in heaven.



Next morning we had a few hours to kill before we left and decided to try again for a Northern Hawk Owl that had been in the area (we bombed 3 times on this bird).  Today was our lucky day.




One last photo as I boarded my plane to head for home with many fond memories of Alaska.

Til the next time, Ciao for now.





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