Henslow’s Sparrow, Paulk’s Pasture, Georgia

November 29, 2011.  After stepping off the plane from Ottawa, I drove 3 hours from Orlando, Florida to Brunswick, Georgia.  Next day I was meeting up with good friend and fellow birder Chris.  I had planned this trip south to find a few sparrow’s, I needed images of.

Next morning after breakfast we left for Paulk’s Pasture, actually a Hydro cut through a wet area with low grasses.  The zig zag pattern of walking was easy and we hoped we’d flush up a bird.

We saw Towhee’s, Gnatcatchers, Sedge Wrens and the odd sparrow but most of them looked like Savannah’s.   Luckily no snakes.

We continued down the hydro cut and then finally we flushed a small Ammodramus Sparrow (fairly easy to spot, they fly up, then right back down into the grasses).  No amount of pishing would make this bird pop up.  I decided to try my Ipod, Ibird software.  I no sooner played the call and out popped #625.   A lovely bird in early morning sun.  Thanks Chris.


LOLOL … another little brown job out of the way.


I thought this was the hard bird but Saltmarsh Sparrow’s would prove me wrong……..

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