Rufous Hummingbird..

December 12, 2011:  We may remember 2011 as the year of the Rarities, so many strange and rare birds, have shown up this year.

This week was no exception, a Juvenile Rufous Hummingbird, was found coming to a feeder in Eganville.

Even though I’d seen plenty of Rufous Hummingbirds, out on the west coast, I decided to make the trip up and get the bird for my Ontario list.  LOLOL..yes I also have an Ontario list.

What a beauty of a day, sun was shining, 8 degrees, who could ask for more.

The drive up along Hwy 7 was fairly quiet, the odd Red-tailed Hawk, Crows, Jays and a bachelor group of Tom Turkeys.   More cars, than birds, by a long shot.

I easily found the house (thanks for directions Jeff and Bruce), pulled in and said hello to a fellow Hummingbird seeker….just as I did I heard the unmistakable sound of hummingbird wings and there it was.  Ten feet away at the feeder…wish they were all that easy.  I stayed around for an hour and the bird came back 4 times.  He must have been hungry and cold.

Thanks to Dennis and Lorna Peterson fro allowing me into your yard…..hope the bird makes it, its a beauty.

The image below was taken in Arizona inset is Eganville bird…

Ciao for now….

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