Migrant Sparrows are Arriving

The lovely weather we’ve had recently, has been perfect, for photography.   Lots of sunshine, milder weather and little or no black flies or mosquitos (black flies are starting to come out, so bring some spray if they bother you). The dry conditions make for easy walking on trails.

I will try to focus on local birds (Ontario) this year as travel seems to be out of the question for now!

There has been a lot of sparrows arriving and over the next few weeks, I’ll try to photograph as many as I can.

The White-throated, Field and Chipping Sparrows are the first birds in the series I will post…they’ve been popping up all over this past week and because they are on territory, they are fairly easy to find if you know their songs or with a good pair of binoculars. 

Quite a few good ipod apps are available which are very helpful at ID’ing calls.  I use the Ibird Explorer Pro and Audubon’s apps which between the two contain at least 2 or in some cases 10 of the birds songs and calls. 

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