Nikon D3s Images

I haven’t been able to leave on any trips this year, I’ve still managed to improve some of my bird images.  Here are just a few.

Most of these birds are fairly common in our area, if you know where to look.  Most can be found within an easy morning drive.  A few good  sources of information, are available, to help find specific bird species around Ottawa.

They are Larry Neily’s website                       

and the OFNC website

I really love my new Nikon D3s and when coupled with the Nikon 300 f4, it makes for some super images.   All the images below were taken with this combination.

Birds:     Black Tern, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Catbird, Common Grackle and Mute Swan’s with young.

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  1. Rick Poulin says:

    Good stuff!

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