Buck of a Lifetime

Tonight I was lucky enough to see something I never thought I’d see close to home.  A good friend Rick called and told me he’s seen a buck that would score at least 190.  Sure I thought, 190, thats for a deer hunter is like winning the lottery.

Off we went to the spot and sure enough the buck was there, and if it hadn’t been for a coyote I’d probably have gotten quite a few photos…all the photos taken from about 400 yards, quality is not the best.

The photos below that show the deer large in the frame are extreme blowups….the others show the deer reacting to the coyote and then bounding off.

Thanks so much to Rick, its a sight I’ll never forget…








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1 Response to Buck of a Lifetime

  1. Rick Poulin says:

    Awesome image of an awesome animal!

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