Tufted Duck – Ottawa #76

A female Tufted Duck has been seen mixed in with large rafts of scaup, goldeneye, scoter and ring-necked ducks, feeding in Shirley’s Bay.  Overcast skies and extreme distances again made getting a good photo impossible.  The image I did get clearly shows the tuft and color well. Coincidentally this is the same area that I saw my first Tufted Duck (a male) on April 30th, 2003.

There were also a few Horned Grebes, on American Widgeon, Bald Eagle and a G. Yellowlegs present.  Many sparrows were moving through the area.

The photos below show the bird thats being seen and the other is my photo of a Tufted Duck in my collection.  Left clicking on the image will enlarge the image.

TuftedDuckA TuftedDuckzz

Good birding.  Ciao for now.

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