Lewis Woodpecker

This past August, Sue and I, met up with Pat and Dave, in British Columbia’s, Okanagan Valley.  Sue and I had met Pat and Dave on one of our first trips to Arizona, they are both passionate birders and we clicked right away.

We visited the town of Osooyos,  spenting a few days relaxing and birding.  We  hadn’t seen Dave and Pat for a few years and it was nice to visit with them and spend a bit of time birding.  I had mentioned to Dave, that I’d love to get a better image of a Lewis Woodpecker.  He knew a spot that had a family of Lewis Woodpeckers.  As usual he didn’t dissapoint.

Following the Crowsnest Hwy (3) eastbound, up the hill, the first road on the left is Chapman Road, following this road about 1/2 km you will come to a split, take Deerfoot Road left at the end of it is a lovely B & B.  They have a bird feeder and the Lewis Woodpecker comes in frequently for a few seeds.

In the area we saw a family unit of about 8-10 birds, one was a brightly colored male and he was the one I just had to photograph, with the permission of the owner of the B & B, I parked near the feeder using my car as a blind.

I saw California Quail, Towhee, Finches and even a small Wren as I was waiting.

I was about ready to give up when in he came for some seeds and gave me a lovely view from about 40 feet. A keeper image.

Thanks, Pat and Dave was a real pleasure to see you, I think I gained about 2 pounds…lololol








Ciao for Now

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