2013 – Great Gray Owl

I just got back from Vancouver, and thought it was time to go see the 3 Great Gray Owls that have been frequenting an area on the Rockcliffe Parkway at Green’s Creek, in East Ottawa.   They were discoved there a month ago and have since been calling it home.  I figured the crowds would be down and it would be quiet.  Boy, was I wrong.

I didn’t bother looking for the Owls, I just looked for the scopes, binoculars and cameras, of which there were aplenty.  Dressed for the cold I sat down an waited,  soon one by one they all had looks at the Great Gray Owls and away thay went, now I could get a few photos.

After taking a few images, 2 guys came up in snowshoes from the woods, no cameras or binoculars…just a backpack.  Well I tell you I was in for the time of my life, they were two locals who’d heard about the owls and had gone out and bought 5 mice for the owls.  He had called the Ministry of Natural Resources to ask if it was ok to give them food.  They said go for it.  Thanks Bob

Well by the time the owls had their fill, so had my camera card….

While I did feel sorry for the mice, I am guilty, I admit….I couldn’t resist the temptation of  photographing Owl’s in flight.




Ciao for now….

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