A Day to Remember

Today I decided I would try to find as many Owls as I could, sans camera.

Starting at Mud Lake for Great Horned, moving to March Valley Road for Great Gray’s, Barred Owl in Galetta, Old Quarry Trail for Northern Hawk Owl, Rushmore for Snowy Owl and Fletcher Wildlife Garden for Boreal Owl.   I was successful at each site and finished the day with 7 species.  Not bad for Ottawa area anytime.

During my travels I also saw Brown Creeper, Sharp-shinned Hawk, White-breasted Nuthatch, Redpolls, Tree Sparrow, Pilated Woodpecker, Hairy, Downy and Mourning Dove and Hilda Road.

A hunting Shrike was found on Carling Avenue near Nortel

Along Rushmore were Horned Larks, Snow Buntings.

Around the Trail Road dump their were a few Gulls at a distance, many Crows and Starlings but the biggest surprise of the day for me, was the increased numbers of Red-tailed Hawks I saw at least a dozen or more.

Just a great day, birding…spring is just around the corner.

Tomorrow I am off the Owl Woods, I will make the trek in from the road, bringing some seeds for the birds at the feeders.  Amherst and Wolfe islands have been dismal this winter.  Even so it should be a lovely day.






Ciao for now…………….

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