Pacific Loon – Morris Plains, NJ

Rick Poulin and I took a trip in search of the 3 overwintering Northern Lapwings in Ocean County, New Jersey.  We left on the 13 day of March in 2013…hmmm lots of thirteen’s.

Just before we left I read a report of a Pacific Loon that was being seen in Morris Plains, NJ.  We figured we’d give it a try since it was on the way.  With fingers crossed we drove the 6 1/2 hours, never really believing the Loon would linger.  As soon as I pulled into view of the pond, I said “there it is”.  We only had about 30 minutes of light left but we worked with what we had.  A lovely bird a long way from home.

The rest is history, another image for the quest and another tick for my list.


A few months after posting this image I had a chance to see these lovely Loons in breeding plumage in Alaska.


PacificLoon….Ciao for now

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