Riding Mountain National Park – June 2011

I am starting to post previous blog entries from my other blog site. It has been sketchy at best and is often down for maintenance. Once I get it transferred here I will shut previous site down.

After my success with the Connecticut Warbler, I spent a lovely night at the Elkhorn Resort (www.elkhornresort.mb.ca), right near the entrance. Next day I went exploring, seeing what else the park had to offer, the Bison paddock near Lake Audy.


While driving to see the bison paddock, I was lucky enough to spot one of the other local residents..


Many different birds were spotted that day, Goldeneye, RN Grebe, Common Loon, 18 species of warbler in all. I left my camera in the bag and opted for my binoculars but when I came across a Mourning Warbler singing away, it was one photo I just had to get..


I recommend this Park to anyone who is a Birder, Golfer, Hiker and Photographer….there’s always something to do.

Special Thanks to Bruce Dilabio (www.dilabiobirding.ca) for suggesting it…and Ken Kingdon for all his help

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