Another Rarity – Western Meadowlark – July 21, 2011

After reading in Ontbirds, that Ray Holland had found a singing Western Meadowlark, near Ottawa…I just had to go and get this beautiful bird for my Ottawa List.  Yes, I keep an Ottawa List.  Probably a lot smaller than most but I can only keep trying.

Arriving at the Junction of Panmure and Upper Dwyer Hill Road, the first thing I heard when I rolled down my window, was the sweet sound of the Western Meadowlarks call.  LOLOL…I couldn’t locate it though, I looked left then right but forgot to look up.   I had parked under a telephone pole, that it was on top of.   It sang for quite some time, then flew off into the field.   It must have gone for some food, singing must make you hungry.  This gave me time to set up my 500 and 1.7 tc.


It flew back a few minutes later and I was ready when it landed on a fence post.


It is a very tame bird, I got as close as I dared, soon to be joined by a local tour group also interested in seeing this Bird.

My 300mm lens came back from Nikon today, I hope my D7000 comes back soon. My D70 is doing a fine job for now.    A lovely addition to my list..til next time.


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