#220 Ottawa List – September 17, 2011

I have collected all my life..virtually anything collectable. Birds found in the Ottawa area, are one of them. Today I hit 220 Life birds, by no means a record, some locals birders have over 300.

This morning I had a few problems around the house to fix up but I heard that someone had spotted a Sabine’s Gull at Ottawa Beach.   Taking a break, I left with camera in hand, in search of the Gull.  It wasn’t very hard to find, as soon as I pulled up in the parking lot I recognized all the cars, walked out on Ottawa Beach at the East side of Andrew Hayden Park.  I looked around for either spotting scopes or cameras,  their were equal amounts of both.  Fearful the bird would fly away, I got a good look at the gull, with my binoculars, …yup there it was a Sabine’s Gull.


The bird would feed for a while….


Stretch often….tired from all that flying


Fly out for a swim…..and after a few minutes return to the same spot


The Gull once in a while peeked up, danger was all around….flushed a few times but always came back, it must have really needed the food


Yup danger, for sure, this eagle cruised the beach a few times….


As I was heading to the car on Scriven’s, I found a really co-operative Bairds Sandpiper……….


A lovely morning and late afternoon………Ciao for now

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