Pink-footed Goose – November 9, 2011

I came down for my yearly hunting trip to Nova Scotia, with family.   I always look at the birding reports before leaving and was surprised to learn there was a Pink-footed Goose in Windsor, NS.

It had been reported as far back as October 22nd, associating with about a hundred Canada Geese.

After a 15 hour drive, I arrived in Windsor, at about 4:45pm (sun had just about gone down).  Scoping out the Canada’s in low light proved futile, to far away,  too many…I decided to go to the Super8, get some sleep and return in the morning.

After a solid 12 hours sleep, some breakfast and of course Timmy’s coffee in hand,  I went to the spot and wouldn’t you know it,  not a goose in sight.   At about 8am geese started to fly in from all directions but at the other side of the fields I was watching.  I decided to change locations closer to the landing geese.  I drove about 5 minutes, when I got to the road all the geese were up and flying in the direction of the road I had just come from.   Then they changed direction and came back to the same spot, never really knew what spooked them.  Using my binoculars I checked out, wave after wave,  of Canada Geese flying in.  Then I spotted something different in an incoming flock,  as it got closer, I knew I had the Pink-footed Goose.  Lovely bird, easy to see in Europe but in Canada very rare.


Another bird for my list…..

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