Another Owl Season

This is the time of year when most of us start thinking about the coming winter, snow, cold and darkness but some of us think about the southward movement of Owls and the prospect of what’s to come.

I really don’t need any photos of local Owls and will have to make a serious Owl run to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona next spring.

I was going to make a run to California in October but home renovations got in the way.  The reno’s are almost all done and I’ll get through my November shift at work but the week of the 24th – 30th, I will be heading out there.  I can only hope the birds I’m looking for will still be there.

Oh yeah back to the Owls, here’s the ones I’ve seen and photographed in North America

BarnOwl BarredOwl BorealOwl BurrowingOwl EasternGrayScreechOwl EasternRedScreechOwl FerruginousPygmyOwl GreatGrayOwl GreatHornedOwl HawkOwl LongEaredOwl Northern Saw-Whet Owl ShortEaredOwl SnowyOwl

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