Blue-footed Booby – Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

I woke up this morning with a problem, 2 birds to try for. Which one do I go for?

I decided to try for the Nutting’s Flycatcher and drove the 22 miles in the dark, the last 2 miles on a atv track. I was standing near the 2 Mile marker, as the sun crept up over the horizon, lots of movement but no flycatcher. I heard the bird calling about 100 yards back down the road but by the time I got there it was history. I waited around until 9am but never heard another peep. Dissappointed as I was, I knew I had to leave and try for the Blue-footed Booby.

20 minutes later I was overlooking Lake Havasufrom the Bill Williams River NWR headquarters, a lovely spot well worth a visit if your ever in that part of Arizona. I saw a golf course there that I’d love to play but that’s another story.

I waited for 30 minutes and nothing, then a speck on the far side of the lake caught my attention, as he got closer I cold see a hint of blue on his feet, there was no doubt…Juvenile Blue-footed Booby.

He put on quite a show for about 45 minutes, circling, plunge diving, splashing and in the photo below even came by to smile at the camera.


Ciao for now….

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