Vulture’s, Hawk’s, Caracara’s and Falcon’s

I have to admit one of the great things about birding road trips is the number of Raptors that you can see on any given trip.

Over the last 9 days spent in the Southwestern USA, I saw Red-tails in ever color and shade, Swainson’s, Ferruginous, Gray, Red-shouldered, Osprey, Harris, Sharp-shinned, Coopers, Northern Harriers, Kestrel’s and both species of Vultures.

Painfully obvious thought to me was the total absence of Kites and Eagles. Disappointing for sure. I was hopeing to improve on some images.

Below are just a few of the better images…

Black Vulture


Cooper’s Hawk – Juvenile


Crested Caracara


Harris Hawk






Peregrine Falcon


Turkey Vulture


But the weirdest by far was an Albino Raptor that I figure is a Red-tailed but can’t be sure….taken from an extreme distance.


Ciao for now…

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2 Responses to Vulture’s, Hawk’s, Caracara’s and Falcon’s

  1. Lori Wilkins says:

    Hey there – we are the couple you met while taking pics of whoopers at Big Tree. That red tail might be a Kreider’s. We saw one at Hans Suler(?) in Corpus Christie. Enjoyed your blog.

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