Ash Canyon B & B – Lucifer Hummingbird

After the excitement of seeing the Montezuma Quail, Rick and I headed out to Ash Canyon B & B.  Mary Jo Ballator, our host and the Owner, has Lucifer Hummingbirds breeding in the area and they regularly visit her feeding stations.

We arrived put money in the sugar water jar and sat down.  There were 7 others sitting in a half circle, .  Of course when we got there they told us the Lucifer Hummingbird had just made an appearance.

While we waited, birds could be seen all around us.


We waited, hummingbirds were coming in frequently but no Lucifer ‘s.   Mary Jo heard a Thick-billed Kingbird calling, we all looked around and there it was sitting on a branch behind us.


It was getting darker so my Camera ISO was at the 6400 setting, so my images were getting noisy but I tell you that 150 to 600 lens was very easy to work with.
an adult Gila Woodpecker and young showed up.  the adult was showing the youngster to look for food in the orange.


A lovely Magnificent Hummingbird came in and flashed his metallic green throat patch.


I wish I’d been able to photograph the Lucifer’s Hummingbird but I just ran out of usable light.  The others had left, Rick, Dave and I waited for the Lucifer to come to feeder #9.  When it did I was sitting in the wrong chair, all I could see was the top of the birds head.   I waited until both Rick and Dave got good looks, then I made a fatal mistake.  I tried to move to another chair so I could get a better view.  The minute I moved, bird was gone.  Important lesson learned they are freaky fast and I should sit still.

I really don’t mind having to go back, its a lovely place with plenty of birds.

If your interested in seeing the Lucifer Hummingbird, this is the place to go.  Mary Jo can be reached at:

Thanks Mary Jo

Ciao for now….

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1 Response to Ash Canyon B & B – Lucifer Hummingbird

  1. toni gosson says:

    Hi Paul

    It looks to me as if you are having too much fun – perhaps you should postpone retirement as long as you can. Take care and happy to read that you are enjoying the summer.

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