Ottawa Bird #244 – Northern Wheatear

This morning as I headed back from a breakfast with my sister to celebrate the baptism of their twins grand daughters.  I checked my phone, seeing an email from Tyler Hoar that the Northern Wheatear found the day before by Richard Killeen and Ken Kittley at 4000 Milton Rd, had reappeared.

Ok, what was I to do, only having 2 hours sleep and having worked all night and had to work another 12 hour shift that Sunday night.  I figured I’d do the common sense thing, get in my car and drive as fast as I could to see the bird.

Northern Wheatear are a Old World Flycatchers, that breed in Alaska and extreme northern Canada, appearing very rarely in Canada in fall.  They winter in Eurasia and North Africa; very rare in North America in winter.

I managed a few rather long distant images with my point and shoot camera….


This was not a new life bird as I’d seen this species in Alaska, and numerous times in Europe.






This a great bird, the last one to appear in our area was found on Wolf Island, quite a few years ago.  If you haven’t seen one get out there, this is a good one.

Way to go Richard and Ken, a great find.

Ciao for now

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