Ottawa Bird #250 – Western Kingbird

Forty-three vacation days and finally posted something.  Lots more to come.

While sitting at my cousins home, in Nova Scotia, on Sunday and reading about all the great birds being seen in Ottawa.  I quickly forgot about spending the next night on Grand Manan.

I arrived home after a 14 hour drive getting in late Monday, I was up Tuesday morning early.  Arriving at the lock area, quickly scanning trees it wasn’t hard to tell that, the Kingbird wasn’t there.

I soon met up with Rob Pinella who was also looking and after an hour and a bit we decided to head out.

Taking one spin around the roads of the Experimental Farm, I met up with Rob and both decided to give the area another look. Good thing we did, just south of the Butterfly Garden at 10 am, the bird just appeared.

Ottawa bird #250 – Western Kingbird

Not the best photo ever…


This has been one of the best years for rarities that I can remember.

We have many types of Kingbirds in North America, all of them are shown below.

Cassin’s Kingbird


Couch’s Kingbird


Eastern Kingbird


Grey Kingbird


Thick-billed Kingbird


Tropical Kingbird


Western KIngbird


Bring on the birds….Ciao for now

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