Fritz’s Bird Blitz – September 17, 18, 19

When I first decided to tackled California, I had a very lengthy wantlist and earlier in August, I picked up ten lifers, while on vacation with Sue.  I had 3 days left after my pelagic trips and knew I’d need help finding the birds I needed, due to time constraints.  I really only had two and a half days, getting to LAX anytime is 4 hours minimum.  I realized I’d need to go with a guide, that could get me on the birds quickly.

I first got in contact with Wes  of California Target Birds because he’s the only one that advertise’s on the internet.  Believe me after you talk to Wes its easy to get pumped up, he is a fountain of birding knowledge and did I say he was enthusiastic.

He had me at “If we sleep in the car we don’t have to drive 3 hours down the mountain, only to come back in the morning”.

He knew where every bird on my list could be found and it was only the birds not co-operating that I missed them.  Flammulated Owl and Northern Pygmy Owl to be specific, they were within 30 yards but would not show themselves, also my first looks at a Mountain Quail ever.

Below are the birds he helped me find and improve on photos.

Golden Eagle


Tri-colored Blackbird Improved Photo


Horned Grebe


Anna’s Hummingbird – One of the hundreds that come to his feeders


Yellow-billed Magpie


Vaux’s Swift –  ABA Life Bird #709


Bell’s Sparrow – ABA Life Bird #708


Belli canescens


Rose-ringed Parakeet


White-throated Swift


Lark Sparrow


Cassin’s Vireo – ABA Life Bird #711




Red-winged Blackbird -California – Bi-colored Subspecies


I mentioned in passing one day that I like taking photos of unique crossing signs and he even found me one of those.


I can rave enough about Wes, we got on well and he will do everything to get you the birds you need.  He is the best.  So if you plan to go to California and the many other places he guides to, get in touch with him.  You won’t be disappointed.

Ciao for now….


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