Its not a Bullock’s Oriole

DNA Testing proves this bird not a Bullocks Oriole

Last Sunday November 30th, I was sitting at work and the Internet was abuzz with bird reports.  A Mountain Bluebird near the Trail Road dump and a Bullocks Oriole in Pakenham.

I still had many hours to work and there was no way I could chase these birds, it would be dark by the time I finished.

Early Monday morning I went up to Pakenham, found the Oriole but spent the afternoon looking for the Mountain Bluebird, without luck.

I didn’t need photos of either of these birds….but would have loved to have them for my Ottawa list.

Ottawa Bird #251 – Bullocks Oriole



Here’s a photo of a Male Bullock’s Oriole from Texas

Arizona2005 (331)

A few years ago I was in Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico and Mountain Bluebirds were everywhere.


Can’t wait to see what number 252 will be.

Ciao for now.


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