Black-throated Gray Warbler

None of us like those rainy, cool and windy days of fall but they usually bring in bird rarities.  This past week in the Ottawa area we had a windfall.

First there was a Razorbill on the Ottawa which was seen for a few days.  I “think“, I saw it but only had my binoculars and the bird was very far away.  So I sure couldn’t count it but I already had the bird for Ottawa, back in October in 2011 we had another Razorbill make an appearance.

I’ve not been able to get a photo of one of the Ottawa Razorbill’s but here’s a photo from the east coast.

The Cave Swallow also disappeared before I could see it this year.  I also saw a Cave Swallow before, there was one at Bate Island back in November 5th, 2012, which I was able to see but again no photo.

Here is a photo from Texas:

Lastly, Bruce Di Labio found a Black-throated Gray Warbler at Mud Lake, that has lingered for almost a week, giving anyone willing to spend a few minutes searching, great views.


The Black-throated Gray I saw a few years ago was uncountable because I saw it in Quebec.  The Mud Lake bird is my 279th Ottawa bird.



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