Black-backed Woodpecker

Last year in July a brush fire ravaged areas of the Lime Kiln Trail.  Sixty to seventy firefighters worked for a number of days to contain the fire, using portable water tanks, shovels and axes.  Almost 90 acres were affected.  Many trees in the area show the effects of this fire.

One winter visitor is making the best of the area, a Black-backed Woodpecker has taken up winter residence in the burn area.

The Black-backed Woodpecker is  is a burnt-forest specialist, feeding on the outbreaks of wood-boring beetles that feed on recently burnt trees.

From the parking lot for the Lime Kiln Trail you head west until you reach the ruins of the old kiln.  Continuing west up the hill, the ground begins to level out, keep an eye to the right of the trail.  You will see trees that have been worked on by woodpeckers, some very easy to spot even at a distance.  Stop and listen, on a quiet day you can hear the “tapping” on the trees.

This female woodpecker is very tolerant of people, does not spook easy.  Great views can be had.

I improved my image for my files, got to spent a few quiet, cold minutes, with this bird.

My best image to date of this woodpecker…….

I must be doing something right or the camera equipment is getting better…..


Ciao for now…

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