Hybrid Green-winged / Eurasian Teal

I heard through a friend that a hybrid Teal was being seen in the Vancouver area.  Off we went in search of this bird, thinking to myself how hard could it be.  Here in Ontario we usually see pairs of birds, sometimes 5-6.  I wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted me when I turned the corner and saw the water.  There were probably 200-300 Green-winged Teal on the water.

It took a while but once I saw this bird, I just locked on with the binoculars and followed him for a few minutes.  Then out came the camera and I managed a few distant images.

Then not really sure why, all the teals flew up and came to the edge of the boardwalk….it didn’t take long to spot the hybrid. He was in front of me maybe 5 feet away, I took my time and waited for him to be at the angle I wanted.  Below is the resulting image and below that of a Green-winged.   Note the horizontal line of white (Eurasian) and Vertical white line (Green-winged).



Thanks again Dave was a great 4 days….Ciao for now

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