2013 – Snowy Owl

On a recent trip to Wolfe Island, we had a very obliging Snowy Owl, sat and gave us a chance for a few photos by the side of the road.


Not much to tell, drove the roads and there it was….thats how its done, no secrets.  Seek and ye shall find.

A few weeks later, on the way back from Amherst Island, on March 8th.  We had just enough time to check Rushmore for an over wintering Snowy Owl.  This Owl has proven difficult to get close up views.   He prefers to sit atop distant hydro poles, visible only from the road.   We checked the owls usual perch and were unable to see any sign of him.  Driving further down the Rushmore, we saw him atop a pole right beside the road.   With darkness approaching, I upped my camera’s iso and snapped a few images.   The best is below.


Ciao for now…..

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