2013 – Northern Hawk Owl

Today I decided to try a new owl finding method.  There are things to look for when searching, like pellets or whitewash but that doesn’t always mean you’ll find the owl.  Sometimes at night listening for their calls is also a good way.  I have tried most of these methods from time to time and have been successful.

Today I tried a new tactic…Looking for the tracks,  I don’t mean owl tracks I mean people tracks.

I followed the paths at the Old Quarry Trail near Eagleson and Robertson Roads and anytime I saw lots of tracks leading into the trees I followed them.  Well it didn’t take long, I found deer, turkeys and lots of people actually standing in the tracks..go figure.  Then I came to a spot where it looked like caribou had just migrated through and followed it into a stand of Tamarac trees, looked up and there it was the Northern Hawk Owl.

It was amazing, my method worked, I had found a new stratagy for locating owls…just follow the humans.  Why didn’t I think of it before.

Thanks Rick,  for helping me follow the tracks.  At times the 200 different footprints were hard to decipher but we survived.  I think I saw some OFNC prints, Nikon prints and even some Canon prints.

Oh yes I even found some lab mice carcasses, this is one content Owl…..but its another one to add to my 2013 list.  Yes I am a birder and lister.

No mice were sacrificed (not that I’m anti-baiting, I just wouldn’t do it) in the taking of this image and no tree limbs were removed.  I just moved around until I had an unobstructed view.

So to birders and photogs alike, it doesn’t matter if you don’t post the locations of birds or not…just look for tracks.



Ciao for now….

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1 Response to 2013 – Northern Hawk Owl

  1. Rick Poulin says:

    Good one Paul – the story and the picture!

    Posting comments is still a pain.

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