Birds of a Feather

One of the things I like the most about birding is meeting new people.  They come from all walks of life, rich, poor, young, old, male or female and they all have one thing in common, their love of birds.

On this trip I met a birder Steve Glynn, birder, author, husband and father.  He lives about 45 minutes from Cape May, NJ.  We first met up with him at the Lapwing site, where we told him about the Godwit and he passed on some interesting birds at Cape May.  Two day later we met at the Godwit site in Virginia, and spent the day with him.  We looked for the Caracara and had a great ferry ride to Cape May and talked about our birding travels.

Not many people are as driven to find birds as I am, Steve knows exactly where I am coming from.

He wrote a book, check it out on Amazon:

He was really helpful, gave us some great info about Cape May.




We found a few rarities but the big surprises were a lone Cave Swallow (thanks, Steve) and a Common Teal.

The photos below are not my best but they are better than what I had.

Ciao for now……..

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