Algonquin Park Magic

I go to Algonquin Park at least 5-10 times a year, there’s always something new and exciting to see.  Its a birding photographers dream.

My friends Mike and Rick came with me, grabbing a Timss in Arnprior….off we went at 5:30am.  Yup, won’t do it for fishing and hunting anymore but for birds, I still get that “I can’t sleep the night before going birding” reaction.

We knew about the Boreal Chickadee’s and Black-backed Woodpecker sightings at Spruce Boardwalk Trail.  Those two species were our main goal ad they didn’t disappoint.  Rick even had one feeding out of his hand, talk about bird whisperer.

A rather tame Red Fox looking for scraps, by tame I mean almost coming to your hand if you held it out….it followed us around the Spruce Boardwalk but gave up after a while, when it realized no food was available.

We totaled 26 species including a first of the year Red-shouldered Hawk near Poland on the way home.

We stopped to see the Great Gray on Huntmar and then found 2 hunting on March Valley Road, well after dark but I just had to try a few images, with not bad results.









FotoSketcher - AfittingEndBB

Ciao for now…………………

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1 Response to Algonquin Park Magic

  1. Rick Poulin says:

    Very nice selection of images!

    It was a fun day. Thanks Paul!!!

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