A Couple of Rarities Show Up in the Ottawa Area – July 6, 2011

A 1st summer, White-faced Ibis, has been causing quite a stir, at the end of Rivington Street in Carp.
Birders and photographers alike have raced to get a glimpse of this never before seen, Ottawa bird.
He was fairly skittish the first few days but now as long as you approach the river’s edge slowly, the ibis, lets you get fairly close.
You gotta love the light that you get on an overcast day, it just sets off the colors of this Ibis.


The red eye, slightly pinkish legs near the knee joints and pinkish facial skin are the field mark that peg the identity of this bird.
Also this week a lovely breeding plumage Eared Grebe has been spending time between the Embun Lagoons and the Casselman Lagoons. He is
fairly wary for those of us who want to photograph him but is easily visible. Digiscoping would be an easy way to get a photo. The day we went to see the Grebe, it was associating with a family of Ruddy Ducks. The photo below required some extensive post-processing but
I am pretty happy with the results, considering the distance.


It nice to see these rarities showing up from time to time, now bring on another Whooping Crane,

Thanks, Ben Dilabio for finding this bird.

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