Sharp-tailed Sandpiper – Baie du Febvre, Quebec

Quebec just keeps churning out the birds, Lapwing, Garganey, Little Egret, Barnacle Goose and now a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.

I never expected to see this extremely rare ABA code 3, Sandpiper this close to home.

After not finding it in Alaska (and not really expecting to unless it was lost. These Siberian birds winter in East Asia and Australia is a rare sight in western North America in fall.

Rick Poulin and I were lucky to see this bird today in Baie du Febvre near Nicolet. The sandpiper wasn’t being very cooperative, it was resting most of the time, close to the edges. Most views were through cattails. There were at least 50-70 people trying to see this bird from one vantage point. I waited for my turn, got some excellent views through my bins from about 15 feet, snapped a few photos and moved out of the way.

We stayed at the site for a few hours but the bird continued to rest…

I did manage a few half decent images through the cattails….a special day for sure. Thanks Rick

Ciao for now


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