Birds and Bugs, Algonquin Park – July 15, 2011

I took my yearly summer trip to Algonquin Park, accompanied by Mike and Wade, fellow nature photographers. We went looking for Moose and Warblers, of which we found a few but found many more mosquitos and deer flies. I had to take out the high test insect repellant, 100 proof Deet to keep from running low on blood.


Even still I managed to get bitten many times on the arms. of the downfalls of July photography, paying more attention to getting the image, than watching for bugs. When I got the opportunity to photograph a mosquito, I had to try.

On Opeongo Road, we got a few images of our only moose, having a drink, before it disappeared into the woods.


Most of the rest of the day was spent searching for subjects to photograph in the park below are some of the images I took. Wildflowers in bloom, Fungi, Insects and small 3/8″ Toads made for some interesting images. The woods were alive with color….










I tried my hand at Zoom Blurs using my 70-200….I managed to get one keeper image, a very small colorful…lolol..non-moving wildflower.



We also had some the pleasure of watching and photographing a pair of Loons feeding their tiny chick. The adult birds would bring the tiniest fish back, they must have some great bill dexterity to capture these small fish. The photos were not the best, my D70 did its best, with the 70-200 + 1.4 tc.


The best images of the day though were of a very obliging Chestnut-sided Warbler….



Till the next time, ciao…..

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