Warblers 2014

I just couldn’t get away to Pelee this year, just too many things happening.  I called good friend Bill Reid to see if he was interested in doing a 2 day blitz of Thickson’s Wood’s, Col. Sam Smith Park and Presquile Provincial Park.

We left at 4am Sunday and drove to Thickson’s for the morning and planned to go to Col. Sam in the afternoon.  We saw many migrants but not in the numbers we had hoped.

The Woods had decent numbers of Magnolia’s, Black-throated Green’s, Wilson’s, Parula’s, Ovenbird’s, Black-throated Blue’s and a lone Northern Waterthrush.

MagnoliaW3FB NParula2FB NWaterthrush1FB REVireo1FB YellowR2FB

Colonel Sam had the same species but in much smaller numbers.  We had a great view’s of a male Parula and Chestnut-sided Warbler, that both responded to pishing.

CSWarbler1FB NParulaFB

We weren’t disappointed, we had 20 species of warbler that day and decided to return to Thickson’s the next morning.

The next day we spent 3 hours at their and although there were more birds they were mostly the same species as the day before.  We decided to leave for Presquile at 11am, stopped for a Tim’s and arrived at a little after noon.  It was a beautiful day and we went straight to the Lighthouse area but there were not many birds.  Checking Fred Helliner’s feeders we did see a beautiful Indigo Bunting as it came in for a snack. An Orchard Oriole also made and apprearance.


We decided to head for home and went back down the path towards our car. I’d just gone by the first observation deck when I heard Bill say “what’s that”…looking over his shoulder I saw a warbler launch into the air and I called out “oh my god it a Blue-winged Warbler”. We followed the birds path as it fed on bugs, making a full circle back to the path. Was it flew towards a log, I got ready for the image. You can imagine my surprise when a Cerulean Warbler landed, followed closely by the Blue-winged Warbler.




I won’t soon forget that hour, it great when birds co-operate….We even made a trip to an area I know holds a few Golden-winged Warblers. By the time we got there it was overcast and raining and the bugs were fierce but we did manage to see a Male.


The birds are in full migration now, get out to your favorite spot…Ciao for Now.

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2 Responses to Warblers 2014

  1. Don Wigle says:

    Hi Paul, Great blog. Fave picture is the Cerulean…..5 stars! Don


  2. Rosemary Harris says:

    Hi Paul, nice meeting you at Thickson’s , great photo of the REVireo not a Tennessee eh. How lucky can you get to see both the Cerulean and the Blue-winged so close together. Rosemary.

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