A Snowy Trip to Montreal

Drove down to Montreal today to pick up my daughter.  I figured I’d leave early and check out a few spots on the way for birds.  I hadn’t felt much like birding the past few weeks.

Since I had most of the morning and didn’t really have to be in Montreal until 2, I took the back roads and looked for Snowy Owls.  Between Ottawa and Montreal, I probably had an even dozen Owls and I wasn’t even trying too hard or counting.

I saw the Owl below from a long way off.  I pulled to the side of the road and was taking photos from about 100 yards.



I noticed someone coming out the door of the house and thought “He’s probably coming out to see what I’m doing”.  Instead he yelled that I was welcome to come and take photos from his driveway if I wanted to.  He said the owl had been there off and on for a week and didn’t seem to be too bothered by his presence.

I drove shook his hand said thanks and walked to the back of the house and took these few photos, then left.




A little further down the road I ran into a small band of Tom Turkeys, they were not so willing to have their photos taken.  The minute I stopped they headed for the hills.

I saw a few Horned Larks and couple of small flocks of Snow Buntings on the way but no hope of a photo.

Ciao for now

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