2014 – 38 New Life Birds

Happy New Year!

So many trips last year with great friend’s Dave Shutz on the West Coast, Rick Collins in Arizona, Jared Clarke in Newfoundland. New friend Ted D’Eon in Yarmouth, NS for Roseate Tern.

Sue and I had a great trip to Oslo, Tromso and Down East with Family.

I finished off my big year and got right back into it.
Lots of birds, many new ones.

What a year!

AcadianFlycatcher AllensHummingbird AudubonsShearwater Band-rumped Storm-Petrel Black-cappedGnatcatcher BlackHawk Black-headedGull BotterisSparrow BuffBreastedFlycatcher Buller'sShearwater CommonMyna ElfOwl Fea'sPetrel Five-stripeSparrow Flesh-footedShearwater GrayVireo GreaterPewee LaSagra'sFlycatcher Limpkin MonkParakeet NandayParakeet PlaincappedStarthroat Purple Swamphen Red-breastedSapsucker RedFacedWarbler RoseateTern RosyfacedLovebird RufousHummingbird SpottedOwl SulphurbelliedFlycatcher Thick-billedKingbird WhiskeredScreechOwl WhiteEaredHummingbird White-headedWoodpecker

While I was visiting Norway I did manage to get a few good birds…..I would have loved to get a photo of the Dotterel I saw, but seeing one was enough.

.Fieldfare PiedFlycatcher RuddyShelduckNon-NA Ruff Treecreeper White-tailedEagleNonNA WillowWarbler

I start another adventure on January 14th…Hang on it’s going to be a wild ride while I push for 700.
Ciao for now

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