Salton Sea – Yellow-footed Gull – Life Bird #701

We left San Diego on the morning of the 24th and took the long way around Los Angeles.  It doesn’t matter what time or what road the traffic is horrible going though LA.  If the GPS says 1 hour, figure it will take you two.

Following highway 8 east, we stopped at Kitchen Creek Road but not much was happening there and drove a few backroads looking for Lawrence’s Goldfinch, Mountain Quail and Bell’s Sparrow.  You would have though it was the night before Christmas, nothing was moving.  Only thing I saw at the Bell’s Sparrow spot was a Brewers Sparrow.

Brewer’s Sparrow


Later in the day we stopped at Anza-Borrego and even the water hole didn’t produce any birds.  On the way out of town we did spend a few minutes looking at the over 20 metal statues in the fields.


I’d like to say that the rest of the day was spent wandering around and seeing lots of things but the temperature hovered between 106 and 110 F (41-43 C).  Brutal even without humidity.

On arriving at Obsidian Butte, I took a chance and drove the road instead of walking.

The first bird I saw was a Yellow-legged Gull, walked over to the shore got a photo and we got out of there.  The smell and heat were just too much for us both.

Even the Gulls were panting from the heat.


Or were they just laughing at me?



Yellow-footed Gull – Life Bird – #701


The hottest spot of the day was Palm Desert, it was 114 F (45.5 C).

The rest of the day Sue and I, did some sightseeing and traffic fighting but managed to arrive at Ventura in time for a good meal and rest up for the coming day.

Ciao for now.


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