Catalina Island – Spotted Dove – Life Birds #703

We said goodbye to Dan that morning and headed back down the coast in the direction of San Diego but we didn’t really have to be there until the next night.

As I was driving I began to think about going to Catalina Island but wasn’t sure if we could make it in time.  I knew there were boats going over but not sure of the times.

Sue said she was ok with going over, so we stopped at a Starbucks, got the address for the Catalina Express, and prayed.

We arrived at the office and we checked when the next boat was leaving.  Luck was on our side, 15 minutes.  The round trip tickets are 140 bucks with my  SENIOR DISCOUNT.

This boat motors, you can stand outside and look but very tough.


It flies..


The town of Avalon has just about everything but cars, you can rent a golf cart but they are a bit overpriced.  We bought a tram ticket and got on and off all day.

There are many restaurants and shops to keep you occupied but I was there for one thing and until I saw that bird.  Most of you know what I mean.

We’d just began to wander the streets, checking out wires for any dove or pigeon when this dark torpedo flew over my head and landed in the mini golf course.  Right away I knew I had my bird.  Asking for permission, I slowly walked around the course and after a few minutes, came across the bird.   Life Bird #703 Spotted Dove.


This dove was introduced into the Los Angeles area of California around 1917. It had  spread, occupying areas north to Santa Barbara and Bakersfield and south to San Diego.
In recent years their numbers have declined sharply on the mainland but they are quite easy to find on Catalina.

Below are iPhone photos from around Avalon….

Catalina7 Catalina5 Catalina4 Catalina4B Catalina3 Catalina5a

We took the tram up to the Botanical Gardens and was surprised to find one of my other target birds, a Hutton’s Vireo.  It isn’t a life bird, but I hadn’t been able to get photograph as of yet.



We had to catch the boat back to the mainland but vowed to come back for a few days in the future.  A lovely spot.

Sun was setting on our way back to the mainland, you gotta love iPhones.


Ciao for now


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