Established Exotics and Escapee’s – Still Great to See

I have been birding most of my life.  I love seeing birds, looking for birds, spending time in the proximity of any kind of birds.

The other day Jay from the Chesterville area, posted on Facebook that he had a European Golfinch coming to his feeders.  I couldn’t wait to go find this bird.  It is one of the loveliest birds out there, unfortunately it is only found in Europe.  Most likely, this was an escapee or a released bird.

I never knew that certain eastern religions, have a practice which sometimes advocate setting birds free to accrue merit in the afterlife.

Once free these birds a very hardy and have no problem surviving our winters.

After reading articles on line about the nesting sites for this bird in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan, only this Goldfinch knows where he originated from and for the time being, isn’t telling.

European Goldfinch


As Jay had told us it came over to the metal feeder.


Just as quick went back to its favourite spot.


The birds below are found in the ABA but are not on the list….same as the European Goldfinch.








Many of the birds on the ABA list are Established Exotics that have recently been added to the list.

Scaly-breasted Munia


Nanday Parakeet


Grey-headed Swamphen (Formerly Purple Swamphen)


There are quite a few more…..I do imagine that the European Goldfinch will soon be added to that list.

Here are a few of the introduced birds found in the ABA.










That’s why Escapee,  Introduced  or  Home Grown, I love looking at birds.

Ciao for now








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1 Response to Established Exotics and Escapee’s – Still Great to See

  1. Cindy says:

    I always enjoy these postings. I had the pleasure of photographic this Goldfinch in Portugal last week. A real beauty. It would be wonderful to see it here some day.

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