Salt Lake City, a Birding Hotspot

We had allotted 6 days for the Snowcock and luckily we had only needed three days.  We had 4 free days to increase our year totals, we were both close to 400 and a few birds would put us over the top.

Our first stop was the town of Brighton up Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, their had been reports of Williamson’s Sapsucker in the area and I desperately wanted to get a photograph.

Of course the first bird we saw was the Williamson’s as he flew by us onto a shaded trunk.  By the time we got our binoculars on the bird, it decided to go elsewhere.  We stayed there for the rest of the morning but it never showed itself again.

We did see:

Hermit Thrush

HermitThrush2016B HermitThrush2016

Mountain Chickadee

MountainChickadee2016C MountainChickadee2016

Red-naped Sapsucker


Red Crossbill


Gray Flycatcher

GrayFlycatcher2016 FlycatcherNevada2016B

We decided to move on to Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, there had been Ebird reports of Black Swift.  Once there we quickly realized how high these birds were flying.   I took photos of many birds that I thought might be Black Swift’s but for the most part were White-throated Swifts.  Below are the darker birds:

What do you think?  The bird in the square is a photo from the Internet of a Black Swift soaring.


We decided to make it an early night and head north the next day….

We headed to Powder Mountain Ski Resort just east of Ogden.

On the drive up the road we came across this doe.


A lovely Lazuli Bunting


Awesome Scenery


On the dirt track road on the way in we found Mountain Bluebird and Olive-sided Flycatcher.

MountainBluebird2016 OliveSidedFlycatcher2016 OliveSidedFlycatcher2016B

The meadow had hundreds of Butterflies.


Great Spangled Fritillary Female

Female Great Spangled Fritillary2016

Police Car Moth


Great Spangled Fritillary Male

Male Great Spangled Fritillary2016 Male Great Spangled Fritillary2016B

Western Tiger Swallowtail


Ebird had reported Williamson’s Sapsucker’s in the area.  The directions were a little vague but we did find the area and the birds.


The drumming lead us to the Sapsucker.  Not my best photos but they are my only photographs of this bird.

Williamson'sSapsucker2016 Williamson'sSapsucker2016B

Chris found a lovely male American 3-toed Woodpecker, giving us both excellent views.


This was a haven for Woodpeckers we also found a Hairy.


For me I seldom see this next bird, a Western Tanager.


Another great day, Thanks Chris.







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