Surprise – Curlew Sandpiper

I had just driven 4 hours from Ohio to Leamington, arriving at the house Rick Collins had rented.  we sat there talking about how the birding had been for them at Pelee.  Rick said did you know there was a Curlew Sandpiper where I had just been in Ohio.

I had no clue.

I knew I’d never make it without sleep, so I left it to fate.  Didn’t set an alarm and I’d either wake up or not.  Like clockwork at 3 am I woke and left driving the 4 hours back to Ohio.

I arrived at the beach and was worried that the bird had left but after a bit of searching there it was…

This was my 731th ABA bird – Curlew Sandpiper

I was back at Point Pelee by noon, birded with Rick, Richard and the guys for a few days.  Another successful trip in the books.

Ciao for now


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