Birds of 2018

Totals for 2018

I ended the 2018  with an ABA total of 549 Species

Upped my totals for:      USA Lower 48:    640

Canada:    413

Ontario:    330

Ottawa:    276

18 New Life Birds 

Bringing my ABA total to 744 ABA Birds (No Heard Birds), of those I’ve photographed 742.


New Birds For 2018

Nazca Booby – San Diego, CA 18-Jan-2018

Red-throated Pipit – San Diego, CA 19-Jan-2018

Rufous-capped Warbler – Florida Canyon, AZ 10-Feb-2018

Sinaloa Wren – Tumacacori, AZ 11-Feb-2018

Ruddy Ground-Dove – Red Rock. AZ 15-Feb-2018

Tamaulipas Crow – Brownsville, TX 13-Apr-2018

Curlew Sandpiper – Indian Lake SP, OH 10-May-2018

Red-billed Tropicbird – Vinalhaven, ME 23-Jun-2018

Rose-throated Becard – Tubac, AZ 19-Jul-2018

Buff-collared Nightjar – California Gulch, AZ 21-Jul-2018

Mexican Whip-poor-will – Mount Lemmon, AZ 22-Jul-2018

Cassia Crossbill – Pike Mountain, ID 24-Jul-2018

Red-footed Booby – San Diego, CA 4-Sep-2018

Guadalupe Murrelet – San Diego, CA 5-Sep-2018

Cook’s Petrel – San Diego, CA 6-Sep-2018

Townsends Storm-Petrel – San Diego, CA 6-Sep-2018

Roadside Hawk – Border Patrol Corral, TX 12-Dec-2018

Hook-billed Kite – Border Patrol Corral, TX 13-Dec-2018

Great Black Hawk – Portland, MA 27-Dec-2018

A Great Year of Birding…..LOL and Retirement


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