2013 – Boreal Owl

I had heard about the sighting of a Boreal Owl in the Fletcher Wildlife/Arboretum area before I went on vacation but never had a chance to get out to look for it.  I just got back and on Saturday afternoon I recieved a call from a good friend and photographer, Mike Cummings.  That he had searched and found the Owl.  I have many photos of Boreal Owls from Amherst Island but just wanted to add it to my winter owl list for 2013.

This image was a tough for many reasons, no light, branches in the way and tough to focus.

Not wanting to get too close, We set up and used  a friends 600mm lens from about 25 feet and a release cable (thanks Bill for use of lens,  Mike for cable release).

Using a +.3 exposure value setting, high ISO and VR (vibration reduction), we were able to get usable images in very low light.  It also helps that the Owl doesn’t move at all.  Photoshop helps to touch up some spots and adjust the lighting.

Thanks for the call Mike….

The image below is from today and the other is from Amherst Island in 2005, the Owl was sitting on a sumac branch in broad daylight.



Ciao for now…

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