Ruff – Newest ABA Bird – Brighton Wetlands

After leaving Leamington and driving the 5.5 hours north to Brighton, I curled up in the car for a short 3 hour nap hoping that the Ruff would still be at the wetlands when I woke up.

My phone alarm went off and after a few minutes to wake up, I got out of the car and tried to find a vantage point from the road, where I could scan the wetlands.

Without a permit to enter the wetlands, I have to scan from the periphery.

I just couldn’t see the Ruff, so I climbed a gate at one end and from a totally unstable position scanned.   What  a sight I must have been to people on there way to work.  Standing with one foot on a post and the other on the gate, looking into the Wetlands, camera and binoculars in hand.

From this vantage point the bird was easy to spot.  A lovely breeding plumage male.



It was time to head home but on the way I did find a few more birds.

Eastern Bluebird


Golden-winged Warbler



A great few days of birding during migration, you got’ta love it.

A bit of good news when I got home, my Eco Cardiogram showed nothing, so I can now get travel insurance.   Himalayan Snowcock here I come.

Ciao for now.


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1 Response to Ruff – Newest ABA Bird – Brighton Wetlands

  1. Dan Brown says:

    Awesome shots, Paul!

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